How to Create a WordPress Header, a Logo or Other Text Only Image in iPiccy

1.  Go to


2.  On the ipiccy site, click on the yellow tab, [referenced on the above image] which says Start Editing!

3.  When you see the above menu, click on the set of  3 dots with the word “MORE” printed beneath: 


4.  From the next options, select Create New Image

5.  Enter the size of the image that you wish to create.  I have entered 940 width by 150 height.  Those are the dimensions of a header in WordPress.  

6.  Your new image field or workspace will open [as in the above photo].  Clcik on the Heart on the menu above the workspace-.  -The Heart is the icon for adding Stickers.  In iPiccy, the word “sticker” does not accurately describe what is available when you click on that heart.  In the case of this header, we will click on the heart first; then we will click on the word Geometric. to create a rectangle.  The items in this sticker area are some of the features that sets iPiccy above other free Photo Editors.


7.  From the Geometric Menu, Select the Square.

8.  After you click on the square in the menu, a square will appear in your image area.


9. Click anywhere inside the black area.  Circles will appear around the square.  Grab one of those square to begin stretching the square across the image area.

I actually drag beyond the are a  bit.

 How to Change the Color of the Rectangular Background

10.  On the left, there is a Color  Panel, [where the colors can be altered].  Click in the center of the main [largest] area of the Color Panel

11.  Then click beneath that main square–in the strip that now should be sporting some color

12.  A full Color Panel will appeal.  Click in the spectrum on the color that you want–or close to the color that you want.  You can slide to fine tune the color afterwards.

13.  If you know the color’s hex code, you can type into the box where the numbers are.


14.  The hex code for black is # 000000

15.  The hex code for white is # ffffff For this logo, I will stick with white [Incidentally, I could have just stayed with the initial white area]

16. To  Add Text, click on the T [next to the heart on top of the screen].  When you do, a text box will appear [you can click inside the box to move it where you want]

17.  From the colum on the left, select the Font that you prefer.  Above that, you can change the size–or you can change the size by dragging the corners of the text box.

18.  To change the color of the text, click in the square abve the font choices.  You will go back into the color palette, where you can make changes in the same way that you did when coloring the rectangle.

19.  Because this is such a long text box, I created 3 text areas–the main one and then two smaller ones on the right end. For the black area, I created another black rectangle.

20.  To Save the image, click on the little save box at the end of the icons on top of the screen.  Click on the word , ” Combine Layers.

21.  Name your document and save.

Here is the Header actually as it appears on this WordPress Site



About jackikellum

Jacki Kellum is a Fine Artist, a Designer, and also a writer. For one of her graduate programs, she wrote her thesis on William Blake. Like Blake, much of Kellum's work is about childhood and lost innocence. Also like Blake, Kellum strives to both write and illustrate her work. .

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