Create A Word Only Logo On White Background with iPiccy


1.  Go to

2.  On the ipiccy site, click on the yellow tab, [referenced on the below image] which says Start Editing!

documentoptionsMORE  3.  When you see the above menu, click on the set of  3 dots with the word “MORE” printed beneath.

4.  Then click on the option “New Image.”  Note: the icon beside the words “New Image” is the icon for Layers.


5.  The Width and Height size is not important–we’ll crop the logo later.  When numbers are placed in both boxes, click on the word “Create.”


6.  From the menu on the top bar, click on T.


7.  To create the text on the top, select a Basic Font [I used Courier New]. Type in the white box on the left.


8.  To make the text darker and heavier, click on the icon B [Bold]

9.  To change the color of the text, click on the black rectangle beneath the B [Bold icon] – See above photo.


10.  Click somehwere inside the strip beneath the largest rectangle [shown in above image].


11.  Inside the large rectangle that is showing now, click on the color family that you want.

12.  Move the slider to change the shade of the color that you have chosen.  The color on the far right is pure–with no black.  As you slide away from that pure color [tothe left], you add more and more black.  Those colors are shades [colors + black] of the color on the right end of the slider.

13.  To create the bottom text, click on the T on the top bar again.


14.  Move the text box to the general area where it will land.


15.  Type in the white box on the left.

16.  It is obvious that the top line of text is too wide.  To select it, click on the top line of text again.


17.  To narrow the text,  grab the handle [little square] on the right end of the selected text and pull the text box to the left [inward].


18.  To change the color of the  bottom text,  select it by clicking on it.


19.   Click on the black rectangle beneath the B [Bold icon] and above the Basic Fonts.  To match the color used in the top row of text, select the eyedropper above the large rectanglular color spectrum.  Move your mouse until it is above the text in the top layer, the text color will change accordingly.

layersicon2  20.  Before you can crop the image into a logo, you must first combine the layers.  Click on the layers icon on the very top of the workspace.


21.  After you click on the Layers icon, you will see the following dialog box.  Click on ” Combine layers.”



Editicon  22.  Now click on the Camera [Edit icon] from the top menu bar.

23.  From the Basic Edit Menu, click on Crop Image in the Basic Edits.


Saveicon  24.   From the top bar, click on the Save icon.

25.  Name the logo you are saving and click on the words, “Save to my computer.”



About jackikellum

Jacki Kellum is a Fine Artist, a Designer, and also a writer. For one of her graduate programs, she wrote her thesis on William Blake. Like Blake, much of Kellum's work is about childhood and lost innocence. Also like Blake, Kellum strives to both write and illustrate her work. .

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